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Picture the world of possibilities that exist within the walls of countless rental properties. During assignments as interior photographer for a property management company, the artist takes extra time to perceive the living spaces as something more than walls, floors and ceilings. Standing amidst various rooms, the artist projects fleeting memories lingering in the air. She steps into the role of a visual narrator, aiming to understand the stories woven by different lives in these spaces.

Photographing these places in their liminal stage might seem plain and unexciting. Yet, by seeing them as something as personal as the "home of others", the artist uncovers a universe of emotions and dreams—a world that reveals itself only through her perception.

In this series of faceless self-portraits, each photo aims to convey the feelings held within those four walls, where years of experiences come together. The journey naturally concludes as the artist photographs her own home ready to welcome a new inhabitant, in an image that finally reveals her face and her own energy.

Home of others is a visual journey through the imaginary lives that have graced these spaces that, even in the face of an increasing housing crisis happening in multiple parts of Canada and the world, are often viewed only as inventory or investment portfolios.

Join the artist in exploring the unique stories that each home holds, weaving together a tapestry of human existence.

Open invitation - Home of others Phase 2

If you rent a home, I would love to stop by one random day and make a photo of it. With you and me in it. 

Please email me and let's arrange for it. 

House-10147 (ChurchHouse).jpg


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