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  • Ofelia Arzate

Should we stop at the Ross Farm Museum when visiting Nova Scotia during our family vacation?

Find out the answer and a little gift from them to me, and from me to you.

Panoramic view of the Ross Farm Museum sheep pens
Ross Farm Museum

A few rain drops during a wagon ride, baby sheep and gentle oxen, the smell of fresh dirt ready for the crops, a cup of hot chocolate and the taste of homemade molasses cookies.

Nestled in the picturesque countryside, the living museum of Ross Farm offers a glimpse into the past, showcasing traditional farm life in the 19th century. A beautiful little adventure that prompts you to a profound reflection on the value of simple living in our modern world, and a reminder of the importance of balance in our lives.

A little hand offering feed to a sheep at the Ross Farm Museum in Nova Scotia
Feeding the heritage sheep at Ross Farm Museum

History teaches us that the way we live and interact with the world around us is constantly evolving. It is one thing to tell the kids stories about how people lived before, but it is something special when they get to witness it in real life, and experience it with their own senses.

Wagon Ride at Ross Farm Museum in Nova Scotia
Wagon Ride at Ross Farm Museum
Wagon Ride at Ross Farm Museum in Nova Scotia

The amazingly friendly staff, nature all around, the costumed interpreters demonstrating typical farm activities, and delicious cookies and hot chocolate, made this trip a perfect way to spend two to three easy hours with the kids. If you are planning a family vacation in Nova Scotia, a route I recommend is spending some days at the Annapolis Valley and going from there back to the Atlantic Coast to see Lunenburg and Mahone Bay, and stopping at the Ross Farm Museum on your way there. And the gift I told you about? They shared the cookies recipe with me (see the photo below)! I tell you, having tried these molasses cookies, I can't wait to go back and see what they have to offer in their cafeteria during the summer!. Scroll down for a full slideshow of time spent there, and check out all the information regarding opening hours, activities, camps, and more on their website:

Can I leave you with another tip for planning your family vacation in Nova Scotia? You will be making all these memories with your loved ones, let me preserve them for you in photos that can make you re-live them over and over again, and without adding any stress to these joyful times. Book your documentary family session, I'll take good care of these treasured moments of yours.

Costume interpreter at the Ross Farm Museum Nova Scotia
Enjoying cookies and hot chocolate in company of an interpreter
Ross Farm Museum molasses cookies recipe
Molasses cookies recipe
Ross Farm Museum in Nova Scotia
Panoramic view of the Ross Farm Museum pond

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