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I grew up in Mexico dancing in the living room with super loud music, taking "showers" in the patio during the hot summer days, watching mom crafting, cooking pancakes with dad, climbing trees, playing under the rain, and drawing. Simple answers to complicated questions is the way my parents showed me about the important things in life. Simple answers is what kids always teach us. The most rewarding chapters of my life have kids involved in them. They amaze me (specially mine!). 

I'm a simple, practical woman. We planned our wedding in 3 weeks, took me 1.5 hrs to find my $50 dollar wedding dress (there was traffic), and the band that played the music was having their first wedding ever. My mom and I took care of the flower decorations the night before the event. It rained on the big day right before the ceremony, but it was no issue relocating our very little crew… We would not change anything about it. The best and most beautiful things in life are:


I received my very first camera at a very young age. I discovered that photography gifts us with physical testimony of the infinite beauty contained in those moments that we see with our eyes, but feel with our soul. As a creative, I've wandered in different professional fields, but my heart always comes back to the camera. And thanks to my kids, I've surrender to it.

I believe in connection. I think that no matter where we come from, we are the same in the love we have for our tribe.

I'm a family / interior / business photographer in Edmonton and surrounding area. My favourite part of it is getting to know all the different ways of being family / home / business in a multi-cultural city like this.

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